Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015 Letter

Hi family,
It sounds like life is much more busy since I left home and it doesn't sound like it will ever stop. That is good. Being busy is great! The good news this week is that I am still alive. Just kidding. Logan isn't that bad. It is really nice that I already know the area though. It makes things a lot easier.
I will try to answer a few questions now. Yes I still get to drive the big van around. Woodridge is a suburb in the city called Logan. My companion Elder To'ia has actually been out for the same time as me. We both finish in May. We are both zone leaders in Logan and his English is actually really good. Much better than some of the other Elders I have served with. He is great! I love serving with him. Dad we can still go out and run in the morning but there isn't too many nice places to run. It is going to be tough to stay in shape. Especially with all the Samoan members here. It is ridiculous how much they feed us. And they won't let us leave until we have eaten heaps. I have already put on some weight this week. Our flat is boiling hot because we don't have air conditioning and the fans we have are useless. We only have 2 and one is pretty much broken. I am sweating all the time. It is great!
Well we have already seen some miracles this week. We are working with a guy named George. He is 16 and has some friends in the church. He has had all the lessons and was suppose to be baptized before, but there were some issues. So we have been trying to resolve some concerns and really help him strengthen his faith in Christ. He is a great kid. He has had a pretty rough past though. He does not look 16. We are also working with a lady named Reshanna. She is 20 years old and is pregnant with her 3rd child. Again she has had a rough life and wants to make a change. She has a big smoking addiction but we taught her the word of wisdom the other day. She said she has tried to give up smoking before but she just couldn't do it. After the lesson she said she had no more desire to smoke. At church yesterday she told us she hadn't smoked since the lesson. It was amazing! I really hope that she can keep it up. The Lord can give us strength to overcome any temptation.
It is amazing what we can do with the help of the Lord. When we rely completely on ourselves and put our ways above His ways, that is when we struggle. But when we put our trust in Him and follow His ways, that is when we find true peace and happiness. I know that He hears us when we pray. He is willing and wanting to help us. I am so grateful for the strength He gives me each day to keep working hard. This Gospel is true! Thank you for all your love and support. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Low

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