Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3, 2014 Letter

Saying Goodbye to the Gold Coast!

Onekawas (some less-actives in the family)

Tarl, Darlene, and their kids

Elders in the Gold Coast

My new companion.
Hi Family! 
Well it sounds like everybody is into the full swing of summer. Julie and Brian your family is growing up so fast! Claire has so much hair. It is great! Robbie that is awesome that you got to bless Grant and so many people got to attend. That is very special. Also I forgot to say happy birthday to Amelia last week on the 1st! So happy birthday! I hope your kids treated you well. And happy birthday to Leslie today! I hope you have some time to celebrate.
Dad that is funny that brother Pitman already gave you a call. He seemed pretty excited when he found out that I was your son. He told me that you were a great example of diligence to him on his mission and he was very grateful for that. To answer your question, there are now 8 wards and 1 branch in the Ispwich stake. The branch is a Samoan one. The church over here in definitely getting stronger. I am not serving in Julie and Andrews ward but I still might see them around.
I think I already mentioned my companion. His name is Elder Giles and he is from California. We went into the MTC at the same time. He is a good missionary and I am excited to serve with him. We are full time van now. We have a big van because we pick up other Elders for meetings and stuff like that. It is a tank to drive. We will be doing a lot of travelling too since the Ipswich stake is pretty spread out. My ward when I was up in Toowoomba was actually part of the Ipswich stake. So I will get to go back up there as well.
Well I had a pretty awesome opportunity this last weekend. On Saturday our stake was doing a recent convert temple trip to do baptisms for the dead. The missionaries who had recent converts going were allowed to go as well. I found out that Tara Csallo (the lady I taught and baptized when I was up in Toowoomba) was going to the temple for the first time. So I got to go as well and attend with her. It was pretty awesome to see her participate in the work in the temple for the first time. It is nice to know that she is continuing to progress in the Gospel. She seemed really happy to be there. It was a good day.
Something that I have a testimony of is that by small and simple means are great things brought to pass. We never know whos life we can change with a simple invitation to church or even to a family home evening. The Lord is preparing people everywhere. As the world continues to go the opposite way of the Gospel, we are going to stick out of as members of the church even more. But I know that as we continue to do the things the Lord expects of us each day and set that example, people will see the light that we have and they will want it for themselves and their families. I am so grateful for the peace the Gospel brings into our lives. He lives! It is true! I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Low

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