Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 2, 2014 Letter

Hi Family,
Well I only wrote home a couple of days ago because we had P-day on Thursday last week. Hopefully I can think of something to say. I am glad that Richard and Leslie enjoyed their holiday in Banff. Mom and Dad it sounds like you had quite a good time as well. I have never been to Banff. That is awesome to hear about Aaron babysitting. Sounds like he needs a permanent job. Just kidding. Joanie that is so exciting that your due in a couple of weeks! I can't believe how many kids have been born in this last year and a half. It sounds like everybody had a good time at Halloween. Halloween is starting to catch on over here. I actually saw people out trick-or-treating this year. That is probably because I was in a very run down area last year. I now live in an area with a lot of young families.
Mom I actually got an email from Shaun Quinton a little while ago asking about BYU housing next year. I am not sure when we need to start looking, but yes I want to live with Shaun again. I would really appreciate it if someone back home could help me and Shaun with that. Maybe you could coordinate with Shauns Mom and Karen and Alvin may be able to help out?
I think as we get closer to Summer, the weather is going to just keep getting hotter. That is alright though. We just need to find more solid people to teach so we aren't knocking doors all day. We aren't having much of a problem with that though. We found another great guy to teach. His name is Josh Kerr. He is 21 and really tall. Apparently his sister use to have missionaries around a lot. Anyway we have been teaching him and we challenged him to be baptized on November 22nd. He was pretty keen on it but of course he wants to continue to learn more. So we are working towards that day. He is a great guy though! We are excited that we knocked on his door.
Addi and Robert are still going strong! Robert's baptism is next Sunday. He is so excited! It is great to see. His non-member Mom even made a commitment to bring him to church every other Sunday when he is baptized. She has really seemed to warm up to us. We are hoping to teach her soon. Robert's sister will be bringing him to church the other weeks. We had another great lessons with Addi as well. Danyah and Marie will be getting their temple reccomends this week also. Things are going great!
I am so grateful to be a missionary! True happiness comes when we serve others and thats what missionary work is all about. I love it! This Gospel is true. God is real! He knows each of us by name and He loves us. It is such a special message. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Low

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