Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 10, 2014 Letter

Hi Family,
I am glad to hear everybody enjoyed their week. Sounds like their is some exciting stuff going on back home. Robbie that is funny that you might be declining interviews now. All your hard work has paid off. Karen I remember Elder Posadas! It is a small world. Was he shy? He was really shy when I first met him. Jason I forgot to say happy birthday last week! I hope you got some time off work and were able to do something special for your birthday. Also happy birthday to Cammie this upcoming week on the 16th I believe! I hope Robbie does something nice for you.
Well it has been another great week for us! Lots of teaching. Josh is still searching for his answer about the Book of Mormon. He came to church yesterday though and seemed to enjoy it. As for Addi, she has been crazy busy. Unfortunately we were unable to catch up with her this week. She is still reading the book of Mormon ALOT though. She is keen to learn. Her baptism is scheduled for November 29th. Also Marie and Danyah both have temple recommends and we are just trying to find a time that we could go to the temple with them for baptisms. They love the Gospel! It is great.
The highlight of the week would definitely have to be Robert's baptism though. He was so excited all week. Lots of members came out to support and even a lot of his non-member family were there. We got to meet some of them. The baptism went really well! Robert was so happy. The water was a bit chilly but when he came out of the water he was smiling and saying he wanted to do it again. It was pretty funny. He is a good kid!
There are so many miracles happening here. It is a good time to be a missionary. It is just a witness to me that the church really is true. Christ is at the Head of His church and He called a Prophet in Joseph Smith to be an instrument through whom he could restore His truths. We have evidence of that in the Book of Mormon. I know that if we take the time to prayerfully read the Book of Mormon every day, the Lord will bless us with inspiration and revelation to guide us every day. I am so grateful for that. It is true!!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Low


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