Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 9, 2014 Letter

Hi family,
Sounds like quite the adventure over in Toronto. Sorry to hear about Luke. It sounds like the Lord has quite the plan in store for those three. Also happy anniversary to Karen and Alvin! That is so weird that you have already been married for a year. That sure went by fast. Robbie congrats on getting that job up in Edmonton. That is awesome! And nice work with your neighbors. They sounds like a great family for the missionaries to teach and I am sure the missionaries and the Lord are very appreciative of your work.
Also happy Fathers Day this upcoming week to Dad and everybody else who is now a Dad. Dad you have shown all of us an amazing example of what it means to be a dedicated Father. Thank you for sacrificing so much for your kids. It has meant so much to me and I am sure to everybody else as well. We love you!
My bike seat is not broken, it is just really hard and not comfortable to sit on. Julie I may take your advice and find a gel seat. We will see.
We have had so much progress this week it is amazing! We are being so blessed. The other week we tracted into a man from New Zealand named Tarl. When he came to the door he greeted us by saying "Elders". That doesn't happen too often here. It turns out he knows a lot about the church because of friends and family. He even attended some seminary when he was younger but he is just not a member. We met his wife Darlene last night and their kids. They are an amazing family! We had an awesome lesson. The Spirit was so strong! Tarl even gave us the closing prayer. I am so excited to keep working with them. We also had a lesson last night with a 19 year old named Brandon. His fiance was baptized a few months ago and he is interested. He has talked with the missionaries before and has been to church several times. But it sounds like his last experience with the missionaries wasn't so great for him. Hopefully things go better this time around. Things are really progressing though!
This Gospel is so true! I am grateful to be a missionary. Something I have really noticed is that the Lord WANTS to bless us. But we have to do our part first. It is a simple principle. When we keep a commandment, we receive the blessing. If we want the blessings of paying tithing, we pay tithing. If we want the blesses of attending church, we go to church. It is just like we read in D+C 130:20-21. The Lord will bless us when we keep his commandments. I have definitely seen the blessings of serving a mission. This is the Lord's work! I am blessed to be a part of it at this special time. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Low

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