Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 2, 2014 Letter

Hi Family,
Well I just wrote you a couple of days ago so I really don't know what to say. Mom I am back on part time bike now that we have 4 Elders in the flat. It is actually nice except the seat on my bike is pretty painful. I did not know Elder Boychuk before I came out on the mission. He looks kind of familiar though so I might have saw him around somewhere back home. Cammie I can't believe you are due so soon! I am so excited for you guys! Do you know if it is a boy or a girl yet! You probably already mentioned it, but I have a terrible memory. Also that is awesome to hear about the Japanese lady in our stake. Miracles are happening all across the world.
Well today we actually had a really awesome Pday. There was a really nice family in our ward that took us to a wildlife sanctuary. It was really cool! We got to hold a koala and pet some kangaroos. They had all types of wildlife there. I will send some pictures home.
Well I got some awesome news last night. I am not sure if any of you remember Noel. He was an investigator we had when I was up in Toowoomba. He was suppose to be baptized in March but then some issues came up about tithing. So we worked with him and before I left I challenged him to be baptized on May 31st. He thought that it might be too soon but I felt very strongly about it and he accepted. I was transferred after that though. Last night I got a call from the Elders up in Toowoomba and they told me that Noel was baptized and confirmed on the weekend. He even got a white shirt and tie. From what I hear he was a pretty happy man. I was so excited to hear that news last night!
Something that Preach my Gospel teaches that is very important is that no effort is ever wasted. As missionaries we might spend hours and hours knocking doors but get no response. In reality we may have caused many people to ponder. In the Book of Mormon Abinadi never got to see the results of his efforts while he was still alive. He was burned before Alma baptized nations. On the other hand, Ammon got to see the miracle of his work while he was still out serving. Thousands of Lamanites were converted. When we make an effort to share the Gospel, we never know who's heart we can touch. We may not see it in this life, but that seed that we planted will grow over the years. No effort is ever wasted! That is why we should continually be searching for someone to share the Gospel with. Last night when I heard about Noel, I was so happy! I know that as we strive to share the Gospel with others, we will find a happiness that is much great than any worldly possesion. We will feel of the love of Christ. I know this Gospel is true! I am so grateful to be serving a mission. I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Low

Elder Scott. This guy is huge! He played on the Junior national volleyball team. Great missionary!

 Brother Hall is the member who took us.

 So much fun!

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