Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 25, 2014 Letter

Hi family!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! My birthday has been great so far. Today was our temple Pday so I got to go to the temple for my birthday. That is pretty nice birthday present. We also have another lesson with Noel tonight. So hopefully that goes well. That would make my birthday even better. Anyway, good luck Robbie with you interviews! You will do great! And also happy birthday to Jace on the 28th! I can't believe how old he is getting. Mom and Dad have fun on your trip!

Well we actually had something really funny happen this week. It was the first time it has happened on my mission. So me and my companion were tracting the other day. We were walking up to a door and a chunk of something pink came out of the sky and landed in the yard. It was really strange. Then when we went to knock on the next house a big piece of something green landed beside us. It almost hit us. My companion picked it up and it was "play-do" or whatever you call it. We were looking around for a bit and a few more chunks started flying from somewhere. Finally I spotted a guy who was crouched down behind a fence. He was throwing play-do at us! It was actually really funny. After he was done he went up onto his porch and put a spider-man mask on. It was hilarious. My companion seemed a little mad but I thought it was great! There are some weird people in Australia.

Karen I eat a lot of noodles and meat pies. We eat with members around 3 times a week which is pretty nice. But thank you for the recipe! I need to start cooking more.

Anyway, we have some great things happening here in Toowoomba. Noel is still on date to be baptized on March 15th. He came to church again and he is really progressing. We are really excited about that! We also tracted into a great family this week! The Byamungu family. They are from Africa. They have 7 kids and they are really smart! They had such good questions for us. We have already had a couple of great lessons with them. I love them! Also we set a baptismal date for Tara on March 22nd. I think her biggest problem will just be getting to church on Sunday. She works which makes it really hard. She is super nice though.

My testimony this week is about temples. I love going to the temple. We are doing such an important work. People on the other side are just waiting for us to perform the ordinances for them. I know that as we listen to the prophets counsel and attend the temple as much as possible, our lives will be blessed, and our families lives will be blessed. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Low

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