Monday, February 17, 2014

February 16, 2014 Letter

 My Chinese friends sent me some pictures. The studly picture of me was captured when we were waiting for the train to go to the temple :)

I don't really like shaving every day. my electric razor wasn't doing so great for me, so I decided to switch to a manual razor. I had some nice bumps and stuff from my electric razor already though.

 Also I forget to mention a little while ago I got to baptize one of the investigators the sisters were teaching. Unfortunately I can't give the sisters the priesthood so I did it. His name is Warrick Benn.

Well I am not sure how well you can tell from the pictures, but I sweat a lot!
Hopefully I can get that out of my shirt.

Hi family!

Well it sounds like everybody is enjoying life and watching some olympics. That is great! I don't think the winter olympics are very big over here. We have run into a few people watching them, but not many. Go Canada! Karen and Alvin it sounds like your having a great time in Moab. That is crazy about the missionaries in Russia though. The Lord is always looking after us. Robbie and Cammie enjoy the rest of your holiday. It sounds like it has been well deserved.

Well the heat came back again this week. It was hot! One of my shirts has a nice big brown spot on it from the sweat. Hopefully I can get some bleach soon. We also had some funny things happen this week. So Elder Pu (from China) bought some kangaroo meat last week. He came to the till with it and I asked him about it. Apparently he thought it was beef or something. So he was pretty surprised when I told him it was kangaroo meat. It was funny. He let me try a little piece of it and it was really weird. I would definitely take a piece of Alberta beef over a piece of kangaroo. I am happy to say now that I have tried kangaroo though. Also while me an my companion were tracting a little girl pointed at me and said "I saw you on TV." I thought that was funny.

We had some ups and downs this week with our investigators. Patty Lasserre, the one who was suppose to be baptized on March 1st, is having a lot of problems. She is going to court again so she said she will be busy for awhile. That was unfortunate. We have been making great progress with Noel though. Mom Noel is the guy Patty Siebenhausen is dating, not Patty Lasserre. There is more than one Patty. We committed Noel to be baptized one March the 15th. I don't think he will have problems with going to court or anything. So that will be nice. We are really excited about him! A lot of our other investigators are very up and down. It is a lot different when you are on a mission because you really see things from a different point of view than your investigators. They are still really busy with worldly things. Progress is being made though! We are excited!

Something I have really noticed on my mission is that the Lords love can stretch anywhere. We have never fallen too deep. The Lords hand is always there ready to pick us up when we fall. Something we need to realize though is that we are the Lords hands. He works through us. We have a responsibility as sons and daughters of God to serve and help one another. And as we already know, when we serve others, we are serving the Lord. We can change lives. As we change other peoples lives, we will change our own. Serving others brings a love so much greater than anything we can experience through worldly things. It is the Saviors love. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

Elder Low

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