Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 4, 2014 Letter

Hi family!
That is some exciting news from home. Congrats Justin and Amelia on baby number five on the way! That is exciting. It is weird to think about how many kids you have. I still remember coming down to Provo to see Zach when he was just a baby. Robbie congratulations on the interview at the U of C. I hope all goes well there. Life never seems to stop.
Well I am emailing today because today was our temple Pday for the transfer. But since we are up in Toowoomba we have a little ways to go to the temple. We actually aren't allowed to drive there so we had to catch a train down in Ipswich and go from there. That added a little extra time to our travels. I got up a little after 2:30 this morning to get ready and go. We were out of our flat a little after 3:30. So it has been a long day. But the temple is worth it!
Well this week has been full of ups and downs. Karen it was funny how you mentioned that Satan steps in right as people try to do something good. We still have a baptismal date for Patty Lasserre but unfortunately she is now going to court on the 12th. Something about her husband accusing her of something. It is a story that I don't really understand. So I guess we will see how that goes. We did meet some great people this week though. We tracted into a girl named Kathryn on Monday. She told us to come back Tuesday afternoon and when we actually showed up she was really surprised. She said she tells people like us to come back all the time but they never do. We ended up having a great lesson with her though. She actually knows some of the members that use to be in our ward. She said she even thinks she came to our church a couple times when she was younger. So we are hoping things will progress there.
Well sorry this email is so short. I am glad to hear things are going so well back home. When we do what the Lord commands He really does bless us. I have definitely seen that throughout my life. You have all been such wonderful examples to me! This Gospel is so true. I know that Joseph Smith saw our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and through him the Gospel was restored to the Earth. We are so blessed to have this knowledge. Thank you for all your love and support. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Low

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