Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014 Letter

Hi family!
It sounds like the whole continent is freezing over there. That is crazy that even Portland and Texas got snow. Church being cancelled doesn't happen very often. I only remember that happening once up in Cardston. Happy birthday to Julie on the 13th! I hope you day is everything you dreamed of and more.
Well this week has been a good but tiring week for us. Mom we still have to follow the schedule even though we woke up early to go to the temple last week. Hopefully today we will get a nice nap in though. I will try to answer some questions really quick. I am not sure what you mean about the 2 new temple films. I have seen one of them. Is there another?  The weather over here is still pretty hot. But it is definitely getting cooler. That is nice. Jordan Heninger helped coach our volleyball team. He graduated a couple years before me. But Alexis Zaugg is my age. And yes I do write/email some of my friends that are on missions sometimes.
Today is transfers for us. Fortunately I get to stay in this area with my companion Elder Palemene. This is his last transfer so we are going to work him hard. We will also go back to having just 4 Elders in our flat. That will be nice. We still have the Elder from China here though so he will keep eating the majority of our noodles. Asians must love that stuff. He is a funny guy. I love him!
We saw some really good things happen in the work this week. I don't know how much I have talked about Noel but things are really progressing with him. Last week we committed him to baptism and this week we are hoping to set a date. He even came to sacrament meeting on Sunday! That is always a good sign. We also invited one of our investigators named Tara to be baptized. She said she would pray about it. She seems to understand everything we teach pretty well. She just isn't keeping her commitments and that is so important. We all have to know for ourselves that the Gospel is true.
We are about to finish a Book of Mormon challenge our mission president gave us. He challenged us to read the Book of Mormon in 2 transfers which is about 3 months. My love for the Book of Mormon has really grown on my mission. There are so many wonderful examples of faithful people throughout history. We can learn so much from reading our scriptures daily. I have had multiple times where my prayers have been answered through scriptures. God is really trying to speak to us. It is up to us to listen. I love this Gospel. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to have this knowledge. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Low

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