Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 29, 2013 Letter

Hi Family!
Leslie it sounds like things are going really well for you and the babies! That is awesome to hear. That is kind of cool that you guys are going to have a nanny. We need to hire one of those for us over here. Just kidding. Karen and Alvin it sounds like BYU is still treating you well. I can't believe that you are both graduating this year. Everyone in Edmonton it sounds like you had a great weekend with stake conference. I would love to hear Elder Holland in person. We probably aren't suppose to pick favorite apostles, but I would have to say that Elder Holland is definitely one of mine. He is a very powerful speaker.
Well this week was pretty good. I am emailing today because we had our Temple Pday this week. So we went to the temple this morning and then we have Pday. We get to go to the temple once a transfer. We woke up at 4:30 this morning to catch the train up to the city so we could make the eight o'clock session. I love going to the temple.
I had an interesting experience this week. So me and my companion were riding our bikes through this park last week when all of a sudden something hit me in the head. I was a little confused until I looked up and saw a bird swooping down at me. I tried to get away but it came down and hit me again. It is a good thing I had a helmet on. It hit pretty hard. I guess the magpies here are pretty ferocious. Kind of funny. I just thought I would share that. I also learned how to say "thank-you my stomach is full" in Samoan this week. Hopefully it will be helpful whenever we eat at a Samoan families house.
Mom I did think of a few things I would love for Christmas if you haven't already sent anything. A new journal would be great. Also some new blades for my electric razor. My razor is starting to burn my face. On the back of my razor it says "replace with original Philip's HQ9 heads." My razor is one of those ones that has 3 spinning blades. It is called a Philips Aqua touch. Thanks!
Well I will answer just a couple questions quick. They do celebrate Halloween over here, but I am not sure how big it is. Apparently it is starting to catch on more. The area where we serve though would probably be pretty dangerous for kids to go trick-or-treating. Maybe we will stay home that nights and hand out Books of Mormon for trick-or-treaters. Mom I do bike with my shoulder bag. I don't have a back pack. I had a pretty cheap one while I was serving in Utah but I left it there because I thought I would only use a shoulder bag over here. Plus the back pack wasn't very good. I am getting use to riding with it, but it isn't the most comfortable. Oh well.
The work here is going great! Last week was one of our best weeks yet. We found quite a few solid potentials that we are going back to see this week. We also had a guy move into our area named Josh Lilo. He is part Samoan part Maori. He split up with his girlfriend (or wife?) because she didn't believe in God and apparently should would make fun of him because he did. He said he really wants to find God and that she was just a bad influence. I think I told you a bit about him last week, but he is a great guy! And we have some great news to share with him. We are having some struggles with a couple of other investigators. Alana and Shana are really struggling. Mostly because they can't keep commitments. They say they believe "most" of what we teach, but they struggle with some other things. We are really trying to help them. They are great and I know they have felt the Spirit, but it comes down to their choice.
Well this week was pretty tiring, but it really showed me that the Lord does provide a way for us to do His work. I pray every day for strength, and I can feel the Lord helping me. We had a meeting yesterday and something that really hit me is that we never know who the Lord has prepared. That is why we as missionaries need to talk to everyone. Even if we are just planting seeds, it is still worth it. This Gospel is for everyone. There isn't a person on Earth that this Gospel can't bless. The Lord loves us and knows each of us personally. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses. I love Ether 12:27. Through Him our weaknesses can become strengths. I love you all and pray for you everyday. Have a great week!
Elder Low

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