Sunday, October 6, 2013

Letter From Sister Willoughby

My name is Linda Willoughby, my husband is Bishop of Logan Ward in Brisbane Australia where your son is serving his mission.I wanted to send you a brief email to let you know that you can be very proud of your son, he is doing well. We had the missionaries over at our home last evening and was a delighted to have a home cooked meal with 'GRAVY', he said he has not had gravy since being here.
He left a very special and spiritual message at the end of the evening, we are looking forward to getting to know him better as he serves in our ward.
As a mother with a son serving in Ghana, West Africa I know that all and any news is wonderful, they don't have much time to communicate so enjoy some pics from last night and today. In the 1st picture is Bishop Willoughby and Elder Iongi
God Bless,
 Linda Willoughby  

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