Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013 Letter

Hi Family!

How is everybody doing? From what I hear it sounds like everybody is busy with work, school, or something. That is good! Leslie I am glad to hear that everything is still going well. Are you excited that you only have a couple weeks left of pregnancy? It will be pretty crazy when they all come though. Dad it sounds like you did a great job at stake conference this week like always. I can't believe how many missionaries are going out from Cardston. That is awesome! Oh and happy birthday to Benson coming up soon! I can't believe he is already 2 years old.

Well this week was really busy! I get a lot more worn out now that we are biking every day. There are a lot of hills around here. My legs are getting use to it though. They are either getting stronger or they are just numb. I am not sure.

So I ran into someone this week that served his mission in Edmonton. He was wearing an Oilers jersey so I went up and talked to him for a bit. He tells me that they aren't doing too good this year. Oh well. There is more to life than sports.

Mom my bike is a pretty good size. They have changed the bike policy here. We each have our own personal bikes that we have to keep with us the whole mission. So we just take them with us to each area. At the end of our mission we can even take them home if we want. We do get an ensign each month so we will get the conference issue. I am really excited about that.

I am not too sure what I want for Christmas. Some music would be great! Other than that I probably don't need a whole lot. Feel free to send me whatever you want though. I won't say no. I love getting letters and packages.

Well the work this week was awesome! One advantage to the bikes is that we can stop and talk to more people when we are on our way to our appointments and other stuff. We had a couple people that we are teaching make very big steps this week. I am not sure if I have told you much about Andrew Smith, but he is a less-active member that has a very big word of wisdom problem. He loves it when we stop by because he says it gives him motivation to resist temptation. But this week we made a deal with him. One of the reasons he wouldn't come to church was because his pants needed to be hemmed. So he told us if we could get his pants hemmed, he would come to church. So we did it! And he came to church! He loved it. It was so funny to see how happy he was. He is a very funny guy. He tells us that every time he reads his scriptures he does a fist pump when he is done. He is making great progress. Now the challenge is just consistency.

We had another interesting experience this week. Last Monday night we were GQ'ing people at a train station. We hadn't got anybody all night that wanted to listen to us. But on our way home from the train Station we talked to one last guy. His name is Samuel. Anyway to make a long story short, he ended up coming to church this week! He has a couple issues that we need to work out, but hopefully we can get through those. It just shows that every person you meet counts. You never know who the Lord has prepared. We may only find 1 in every 100 people we talk to, but it is so worth it.

Something that I love about the mission is seeing people change their lives for the better. Just to see Andrew's excitement this week made me so happy. He told us how thankful he was that we kept coming by. He wants to change so much. And I know that with the Lord's help, he can. With God nothing is impossible. We may experience trials and set backs, but like we were told in conference, brighter days are ahead. There is a quote in my room that I love to read. It is Jeffery R. Holland and he says something like this: "Blessings may not come now, they may not come later, and they may not even come in this life. But for those who embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they do come." It is so true! We are so blessed! God has so much in store for us. Thank you all for your love and support! I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!

Elder Low

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