Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 29, 2013 Letter

Hi Family!
Well it sounds like this week was pretty good for everyone back home. Leslie it sounds like things are going well with the triplets. I am really happy to hear that. Happy birthday Talia!! I hope you had a fun party. Robbie congratulations on the MCAT. That is awesome! And Cammie congratulations on becoming a true Canadian citizen. It sounds like the blessing are pouring out onto the Low family. I love it! And also thank you so much to the Justin and Amelia Low family. I got your letter a couple of days ago. So cute! I love getting letters. I think they take about three weeks to get here.
Well this week was great! I am learning new things every day both in the Gospel and also about the Australian culture. This week I found out the popsicles are called ice blocks here. Kind of funny. Something else I really like is the Polynesian way of dinner. I think it might be the Samoan way, but the children serve the parents. Good idea right Mom? And they after dinner, they bring a bowl with soapy water for us to wash our hands. They are such friendly people. It is great!
The weather here has been changing all week. There are some days where it got up to about 36 degrees, and other days where it is raining a lot. I think I prefer the rain. I was sweating like crazy the other day. I was literally bathing in my own sweat, so I didn't even need to shower. Just kidding. But seriously.
I will try to answer some questions quick. Mom we actually don't have the car every day. We get the car every other day. We share with the other 2 Elders in our flat. It is good that way. We get more exercise on the bikes. My shoulder is doing alright. I definitely feel it, but its nothing bad. General Conference here is going to be broadcasted the week after it happens. So they will show a session and then show the next session about half an hour later because we don't have to wait. I am excited!
Well the work has been going very well this week! I would say this was one of our best weeks. We have Waitai Ikiua's baptism coming up this Saturday. She is the 15 year old girl. I am not sure how much I have told you about her but she has learned so much. Her Dad was baptized a year or two ago so he is going to baptize her. We also had a little miracle happen yesterday. I told you about a 19 year old girl named Leiana a couple of weeks ago. She is the one that is engaged to the returned missionary. We haven't been able to meet with her for a couple of weeks because she said she has been busy and she wants to soak in what we taught her already. But yesterday she came to church! Even without her fiancé. It was awesome! We are hoping to get back into their home to teach more sometime this week.
It is amazing to see the little miracles the Lord gives us when we continue in faith. Faith is something that I have really been trying to work on these last couple of weeks. I love the scripture James 2:17-18. We have to show our faith. Even if our faith is weak, we need to show the Lord what faith we have. When we do that, He will help our faith grow stronger and stronger each day until it can't be shaken. It is so true! This Gospel is so true! The Lord knows each of us and loves each of us. I am so grateful to be out on a mission. I hope you all have a great week and the blessing continue to come. Love you all!
Elder Low

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