Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014 Letter

Hi family,

Well it sounds like everybody is enjoying Thanksgiving time back home. Unfortunately Thanksgiving is not celebrated over here. I probably don't need all the food anyway. But we have so much to be thankful for. Happy birthday to Dad this week on the 16th! That is 58 I believe. I hope you get to do something fun for your birthday. Also congrats to Alvin for getting into med-school in Alabama! That is exciting!

It was another solid week for us. Marie & Danyah are looking pretty set to be baptized this Saturday. They are excited! It is great to see. Mom, Danyah is 11 years old. We are also making progress with a few other investigators as well. Jessica (Marie's niece) has been loving the lessons. She loves the Plan of Salvation. She really wants to be baptized, but the only thing holding her back is that she lives with her boyfriend and he isn't too keen on getting married. We actually had 7 of our investigators attend a session of General Conference this weekend as well. They loved it! We are led by such inspired leaders!

I loved General Conference this past weekend. It seemed to me that a lot of the talks touched on strengthening ourselves, our families, and the people around us. As we get closer to the Second Coming there will be more attacks on Joseph Smith and the Church. Satan is going to do everything he can to lead us astray. That is why we each need to have our own personal witness that the Gospel is true. I think we have all witnessed the truth of it in our own lives. When we live the Gospel, we are happier. We can face trials will greater strength, hope, and even find peace in them. When we don't live the Gospel it brings sorrow and disappointment. It is pretty simple. I am grateful that I was raised in a home and a family where this was so easy to see. The Gospel is true! We are led by a living Prophet on the Earth today! I am so grateful for that. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Low 

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