Saturday, December 7, 2013

December 2, 2013 Letter

Hi family!
Well it sounds like it was an exciting week back home. Justin it sounds like your team almost pulled off another victory at alumni. It seems like your team is in the final every year. That is awesome to hear that Aaron was playing. I am glad that he is enjoying life. Robbie congratulations on the interview at the U of U. That is awesome! Leslie good luck with the delivery this week! I will be praying for you.
This week was pretty good. We are starting to get more of a Christmas feeling around here. We sang Christmas hymns in church. I love it! I love the Christmas season. Some people are starting to put Chrismtas lights up. Not many though. It is a little weird seeing Christmas lights up when it is so hot out. Christmas is pretty much the same over here. People put up trees and stuff like that. It is great! Mom I am not totally sure how I am going to call home at Christmas yet. I will probably call on boxing day over here, Christmas over there. From what I understand, we can get some help from the members if we want to skype home. Would you rather me skype home or just call home? I think the time difference between me and home is 17 hours.
Well we keep having miracles over here. Unfortunately it doesn't look like we will be having any baptisms on December 14th. But they will happen sometime. The Fanueli family is really progressing. They came to church yesterday and Brother Fanueli said they would keep coming every Sunday. It is amazing to see how happy they are about coming back to church and progressing in the Gospel. The Gospel brings so much happiness, espescially for families. We were hoping to have the Fanueli kid's baptism on the 14th but it might take a little more time. It will happen though!
We had a couple of other great experiences this week as well. So the other week we tracted into a lady from Thailand named Ead. When we went back to visit her, she told us a little about herself. She mentioned how she had tried to take her own life before. She ended up in the hospital. While she was in the Hospital, some people like us with name tags came and gave her a blessing. She said that blessing saved her life and she has been trying to find those boys every since. So she was pretty happen when people like us with the name tags came knocking on her door. She wants to learn more about our church. We are excited to teach her!
We also had a funny experience with Mensung and her kids. So we have been trying to teach Mensung for awhile. It is tough because her English isn't very great. So we have been teaching the kids who know better English. This past Saturday when we went to teach them, they showed us a picture of them with a couple of LDS missionaries at a baptism. Mensung and her oldest son have already been baptized! They were baptized while they were in Adelade. It was pretty funny. So we talked about baptizing some of her other children. I think they would love to come to church if the parents spoke better English. We will keep working with them.
It is amazing how many opportunities have opened up for us recently. The Lord is really blessing us. I love it! It is amazing to think how much our Savior loves us. He has done so much for us, so much that we can't possibly repay him. As we try to repay Him, He continues to do more for us and continues to bless us. It is a miracle.. I am so grateful that I was sent to such a wonderful family. Thank you all for your amazing examples to me. I hope you all have a great week. I love you and pray for you every day!
Elder Low

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