Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013 Letter

Hi family!

Well it sounds like everyone is back into the swing of things after Summer. I can't believe how many of the nieces and nephews are starting school. That is crazy! Leslie I hope everything goes well. It sounds like you are going through a pretty rough time right now. Robbie and Cammie it sounds like you guys are doing some good missionary work. Keep it up!

Well I am emailing today because we didn't have our P-day on Monday. It got changed to Wednesday because we went to the Temple this morning in Brisbane. It was really nice. The temple there is very small though. It was pretty packed. Brisbane is so different then my area! It is really pretty up there. I feel like I am in a completely different country when I go up there. Anyway on our P-days we usually just play some kind of sport. Last week we got together with our zone and played some basketball and stuff like that. It is pretty fun. It is getting too hot to do anything outside. It was getting up into the mid 30's this week. It is very humid as well so I feel very sweaty and sticky when I go outside. A lot of people carry umbrellas around when it gets too hot.

I will try to answer some questions quick. Mom we are not using Facebook in this mission yet. There is a rumor going around that most missions will be starting to use Facebook sometime in 2014. The ward we serve in is mostly Polynesian. And there are actually two other Elders serving in this ward as well. It is a big ward so we take the south half of the area and the other two Elders take the north half of the area. Mom I did pay my bike money when I got here. GQ'ing is golden questioning Mom. It is where we go and talk to people on the streets or at the strain station and ask them questions. We find quite a few people that way.

The music policy just changed in our mission this week. With a new mission president here, a lot of things have been changing. The new music policy is just anything that can help you feel the spirit. So I think EFY music, Mormon tabernacle choir, and some songs by John Schmidt would be awesome. And any other music that you think would be appropriate. I would love that! Also could you send a USB port so that I could hook it up to the car?

Well the work here is going great! We have been finding a lot of people to teach lately. The trick is just to get them to keep letting us come back. I think I was talking about Leiana last week. The one who's fiancé is a returned missionary. She has been really struggling to put everything together. We are really trying to teach things simply though. We had a really awesome experience this week though. We met a Samoan man named Tovita while we were out tracting. He is still learning english but he can understand what we are saying. But he was really interested so we gave him a Samoan Book of Mormon. The next time we came back to visit he was sitting on his front step reading it. It was awesome! He is really excited about it so we are going to keep going back to teach. We are also teaching a 20 year old man named Oranga from New Zealand. We had been there quite a few times before but this time when we went he had a lot of questions for us. He was a lot more interested this time. We are just trying to get him to come out to church. So the work is going amazing!! Except we often run into huge dogs. I swear some of them are bigger than I am. So many fences have a sign that say "beware of dog."

I love serving in Australia! The work is tough but it has really been paying off. I know that when we show the Lord our faith by keeping His commandments, He blesses us. Dad you are so right when you always said "if you keep the commandments, you will be happy." It is so true! Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all and pray for you every day!

Elder Low

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