Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 4, 2013 Letter

Hey family!
How is everything going? Are you ready for the wedding yet? It sounds like it is a blast up there with everybody flying in for the wedding. Don't let Mom get too stressed. Jason and Kamry congrats on blessing another baby! That is awesome. I wish I could have been there. How does Alvin think the MCAT went? I bet it feels good to have that over with. Karen you are going through the temple tomorrow right? Congrats! You will love it.
Well you have probably all heard by now that I am not going to Australia as soon as I thought. The flight plans that we got did not mean that our visas came. They told us last week that our visas have not come but they will let us know when they do. I am not the only one though. There was suppose to be 33 Elders and Sisters flying out at the same time as me but only 3 of them got their visa. That is crazy! Hopefully it comes soon. In the mean time we are still here at the MTC. They are putting us in the "holding zone" and continuing us on the schedule they had before the MTC shortened the time missionaries spend here. That is ok though! I just get to practice and learn that much more. From what I am told, we should get a re-assignment either this Thursday or Friday if our visa has not come and probably leave sometime early next week. I also heard that I may be able to call and tell you where I am going. So hopefully somebody is home if I do. If not I will just email you. With the switch in our schedule we actually have another P-day on Thursday. So if I have some exciting news by then I will let you know. If not, I probably won't send an email. Another thing I heard was that if my visa does not come within 3 months or 2 transfers out in the field, that becomes my permanent mission. I'm not sure if that is correct or just rumors. I guess we will see.
Mom the Elder Zemp I was talking about was Matt Zemp. Dahl Zemp's son. And yes Elder Gregson was Tarren. I don't think I can print off my emails. There is no printer in the lab that I type my emails. So sorry if I don't remember all your questions. Robbie and Cammie congrats on moving to Cardston this week! It's a dream come true right? Just kidding. But really I think you will enjoy it. Karen and Alvin I can't believe you are getting married this weekend! It is crazy to think that just over a year ago Karen hadn't even talked to a boy and now she is marrying one. Miracles do happen!! You two are perfect for each other.
Life here at the MTC is pretty much the same. I love it! We get fed great, teach lots, and learn lots. I still love my companion and my district. One thing that did happen though is that I tweaked my shoulder pretty good. Last night I decided to try and play volleyball instead of basketball for gym time. It was going really good and my shoulder felt great until I tried to reach behind my head to hit a ball. Bad idea. I don't know if it popped out or not but it kind of hurt. It is feeling a lot better today though. So I am sure it is fine. I just need to do my exercises. I had another chance to go to the temple today and I get to go again on Thursday. So that is great! I love the temple.
Well I hope everyone has a good time at the wedding this weekend and travels safe. Congrats again Karen and Alvin! Mom I hope you aren't too stressed and are able to enjoy it. Let people help you. You should be able to enjoy your last daughters wedding. This Gospel is so true. God loves us and knows us personally. I have felt His love so much for me this week. I can't wait to see if I am re-assigned. And if so, where I am re-assigned. I know that it is not where I serve but how I serve. God has a plan for me. There may be someone somewhere else that I need to teach first. I know that as long as we put the Gospel first in our lives and live the way He wants us to live, He will help us be where we need to be. Thank you so much for all your love and support. I love you all! Have a good week!
Elder Low

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