Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013 Letter

Hi Family,
Holy cow! It sounds like some crazy things are going on back home. A lady in our stake actually just asked me yesterday if I knew anything about the flooding up in Alberta. That is crazy! Did we get water in our basement? Where do the people go when they have to be evacuated? Sounds interesting. But that is Canadian weather for you. Robbie it sounds like you are having some interesting experiences at work. That is funny. A little poop never hurt anyone. Keep up the great work. Is it hard being away from Cammie?
So there is a ton of stuff I want to say. I will try to remember everything and type quickly. Grandma and Grandpa Low served a mission in Washington in the late 1980's right? The Bishop's wife down here said she thinks she served at the same time as them. That is pretty cool. And Mom I don't know if I really need my Canadian passport. I should be good with my American one right? Karen I do not know my mailing address. But I am in the library right now and I am going to go check out your locker sometime! And if you do see me by accident feel free to say hi. I really only come up to campus to write emails home. Other than that I am not on campus very much. Karen and Alvin are you in the Summer term?
So when is everybody going to head to Echo? Sounds like Mom and Dad got some cleaning done. Can you boat on it this year?
One thing that I keep forgetting to mention is music! I was wondering if you could send me some music sometime. There was an Elder in the MTC who had a tiny ipod and a really small speaker. And I love music. It really brings the Spirit. I love EFY music and here we are allowed to listen to Jon Schmidt as well. Jason also had some really good church music. Don't feel rushed on that though. That could be like a cool Christmas gift. Or I could even buy something here or when I go to Australia.
Well this week has been very interesting! We taught almost 40 lessons this week. So we were pretty busy. Most of them are less active members. But that is just as good! There is one family that we are teaching, the Christensens, who are super nice people who have felt the Spirit, but they just don't realize it. It is really sad. I really hope they come around someday. Yesterday me and Elder Harpole spoke in two different wards. I am starting to enjoy speaking a lot more. I think they went well. And yes I was able to go to the Mariott Center to watch the meeting. It was amazing! One of my favorite parts was when the Apostles walked in. Eleven out of the twelve were there. Only Boyd K. Packer wasn't. As soon as they walked in, there was a special spirit there. I love that feeling. It was a great meeting. And it is so true that everyone needs to be involved in the work now. It is so much more effective when we get help from members. Especially here in Utah. The more we serve others and help them come unto Christ, that happier we will be. And it doesn't even have to be none members or less active members. We should always be trying to strengthen everyone around us.
So I have some news. I am being transferred! Not to Australia though, just to Payson. So I will be heading down there on Wednesday morning. I have very mixed feelings about it. Even though I have only been here a few weeks now, I really love this area. I have met a ton of people that are so great. It is going to be sad to leave everyone I am teaching right now. But I am also excited to meet new people and serve in a new area! It will be interesting to see what my new companion is like.
I have really learned here that the Lord knows each of our weaknesses and each of our strengths. And He loves us so much that He wants our weaknesses to become strengths. But we cannot do that alone. The Lord's hand is always stretched out for us. We just have to do our part and He will give us strength. And just like He loves us, we have to Love everyone around us. The more Christ like we become, the happier we will be. I have a testimony of that. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week. Travel safe to Utah and good luck at the reception down here!
Elder Low
P.S. Are my emails too long or too short?

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