Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013 Letter

Hey Family,
Well my Pday ended up being on Tuesday so I have had to wait almost a full week to email. And in the corner of my computer it says I have only 24 minutes left to type. So I will say as much as I can. I am loving the MTC. The first couple of days were pretty tough for me trying to get use to the schedule. I wasn't sleeping very well at night but that last couple of days have been great. The food here is a lot like the cannon center. I get three full meals a day and I am eating way too much. It's great! The halls that we live in are pretty tiny. I think they have tried to cram more Elders in a room than they use to. Each room has 4 desks and 4 closets, but 6 Elders live in a room. There is one bunk bed in the middle of the room that seems like it has just been thrown in there. But I love it. It brings us closer together. And I am pretty sure the MTC west campus just opened up. So a lot of missionaries are moving out that way.
My companion's name is Elder Christensen. He is from Cedar Hills Utah. He is an awesome companion! I feel like me and him have very similar personalities. And we are both pretty big guys. He is about six foot two. Hopefully we haven't been intimidating to our "investigators" here at the MTC. Last Thursday me and Elder Christensen also got called as zone leaders. It was pretty scary at the time. I felt like there was so much going on. But we definitely have a hold on things now. My district is amazing as well. We have six Elders and six sisters. It has been fun getting to know them all. We have gotten so close over the past week. They give us so much opportunity to teach here. Our teachers role play an investigator that we have to teach every day. Other people also come to the MTC that our just volunteers. I love teaching them. The last one we tried to teach wouldn't let us in the door for about 10 minutes. It was pretty funny. One of my favorite parts about the MTC though is how much study time we have. Usually every morning we have 2 or 3 hours of personal study time and companionship study. I think taking religion classes at BYU really made me appreciate studying the Gospel. I love every second of it.
I don't remember all of the questions you had but I will try to answer some of them. I have already seen a lot of missionaries that I know. Two of the first missionaries I saw when I came into the MTC were Elder Zemp and Elder Gregson. Cammie I have also run into sister Nelson a couple of times. It sounds like she is doing great. Karen I ran into Sister Hughes today. It sounds like she is really excited for your wedding. Robbie, someone asked me today if I was Robbie's little brother. He said we look so much alike. I think his name was something like Daniel Hearing or something. He said he knew you and Cammie from freshman year. I know I have ran into a lot of others but I can't remember them right now. We don't get gym time every day. I think we get it about every other day. Some days we just have personal time to exercise. Usually we run around the MTC campus or do push ups or something else in our hall. We don't get out of the MTC very often. We got to go for a walk around the temple on Sunday and this morning we got to go through a session. It was amazing. It was cool to be in a different Temple other than the Cardston Temple. 
Also thank you so much for all the letters and packages. Mom and the Harbors thank you for those packages. I have so much candy. It is great! My district really appreciates it as well. Thank you for the mints Robbie and Cammie! And Robbie also thank you for the tie buddy thing! That thing saves me. Getting the mail is honestly one of the best times of the day. I love hearing from everyone.
The news of the week is that I got my visa!! I think. They gave us our travel plans so I am assuming that means my visa is here. If not I guess I will find out soon enough. The travel plans tell us that we will be flying out of Salt Lake City this Sunday at 8:15 p.m. We fly to LA and then have a long flight to Brisbane. But Mom and Dad you said you would be in Edmonton this weekend. At least I think that was this weekend. So I guess if I phone home and you aren't there I will know you are in Edmonton. Or is you want me to call somewhere else maybe tell me through a Dear Elder letter or something. I think those come a lot faster. Either that or they give them to us on Thursdays. So I am not sure when the next time I am going to get to email is. I will have to see when my Pday is in Brisbane. If I don't get to send another email soon, good luck with the wedding! Congratulations Karen and Alvin. Have an amazing day. I wish I could be there. And also good luck on the MCAT Alvin! I am pretty sure your are taking it on Thursday. You will ace it!
Well I have to go. Have fun the next few weeks up in Edmonton and the wedding. I just want you all to know that I appreciate you all so much. Sunday was a pretty tough day here. Me and Elder Christensen had to wake up early to get ready for leadership training meetings and stuff like that. We had meetings all day and it seemed like it was one of the busiest days I have had here so far. But when we were in one of our devotionals on Sunday we were singing "God be with you till we meet again". While we were singing that I felt so strongly that Grandma and Grandpa Low were with me and were there to help me on my mission. It was amazing. Families really are forever. And I can't think of a better family to spend forever with. Thank you all for being such amazing examples to me. This Gospel is so true. I learn more and more every day. I can't wait to go to Brisbane and serve the people there!
Elder Low 
p.s. Rob Barfuss sent me a letter and wants me to stay in touch with him. He said he went to Brisbane on his mission. So maybe you could get his email address for me?

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