Friday, May 9, 2014

April 21, 2014 Letter

Hi family,

Happy Easter! It sounds like Easter wasn't quite normal for some people this year. Keep hanging in there Leslie. Life is crazy. Julie keep up the good missionary work! I love hearing about it. Karen and Alvin congrats on finishing finals. Walking out of the last final feels pretty good. I can't believe you guys are graduating! Cammie congrats on finally watching Star Wars! Just kidding. Also happy birthday to Penny! I think my email will come in on her birthday back home. 

Fortunately people do celebrate Easter over here. People do egg hunts and everything. Toowoomba is actually a pretty religious place. There are a ton of churches here! It is like the Bible belt of Australia. A lot of people were gone over Easter though. Elder Bejarano and I actually got given quite a bit of chocolate for Easter. I need to stop eating junk food. 

Mom I did use the Canadian visa to buy a jumper and a jacket. I hope that is alright. Also we are full time car now since there are only two of us in the ward. So I haven't been on my bike for awhile. That is another reason I need to stop eating junk food. 

We had another pretty successful week. Tara was confirmed a member of the church on Sunday and a lady in our ward invited her over for dinner in May. So Tara seems pretty happy. It is awesome! Unfortunately we have not been able to catch up with Noel or Candice yet. Candice went down to Brisbane for awhile. We are hoping to catch both of them this week. We have seen some other miracles though. We found a lady from the Congo who is awesome! I love people from the Congo. They are so smart! We have been teaching a few. This ladies name is Adolphin. She was very excited when we came around. We shared the message of the restoration and she was so happy. She is very interested in the Book of Mormon. She speaks French a lot better than English so we got her one in French. She has such good questions! I am excited to see her again.

Life is always moving forward. That is the purpose right? We are suppose to continually progress. But we are so blessed to have so many sources of strength, peace, knowledge, etc. as we move forward. We have a living prophet, scriptures, families, church, temples, the ensign, and so many other sources. We can learn true principles from all of these sources that will bless us in our every day life. This Gospel is true!! It is meant to guide us back to our Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for this knowledge. I hope you all have a great week! Love you!

Elder Low 

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