Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013 Letter

Hey family!
Well it sounds like everyone is enjoying the Summer. I can't believe that it is already August. Time is going by so fast! Also Happy birthday Leslie and Amelia!! Sorry it is late again. I hope you both had great birthdays. Justin and Amelia I am glad you guys are settling into Cardston. Sounds like work is going pretty good Justin. Do you enjoy it? That is cool that Zach has Mrs. Remington as a first grade teacher. She was there when I was there. I can't believe it has been that long. Brian and Julie your family is getting so big! Claire is getting so old. That is awesome. It will be weird to see all the new nieces and nephews in a couple of years.

This week has been pretty awesome. I am not going to lie though, I can't wait for winter. It will probably be quite a while until I see that though. It has been extremely hot down here. Maybe Amelia, Robbie, and Cammie will get some of that when you come down here. And I don't think I need anything, or at least anything that I can think of. I am already fat enough. To answer some of your questions, Cammie I do email Aaron. Do you play basketball with those girls pretty often? Who does Aaron play basketball with? And Mom I would love you help packing for Australia. Just kidding. I am pretty sure I will be fine. I handled it pretty well last transfer. As for the scripture on my mission plaque, I would probably put 1 Nephi 3:7. That has always been one of my favorite scriptures since I was little.

Well I am sure some of you have heard this other news, but I am on facebook now! We are the 8th mission in the world to use facebook. It was a little weird at first. I had to go on there and hide all my old pictures because they didn't want us creating a new facebook and they didn't want old pictures on there. The rules are pretty strict though. I still have to communicate through email. We are only allowed to use facebook for missionary purposes only. But we are allowed to teach anybody across the world. We are even allowed to teach family if we have permission. We are actually teaching my companions sister right now. She has been out of the church for 10 years and wants to come back. It is awesome! We are allowed to teach by typing or we can video chat. It has been pretty interesting.

The work went well here in Payson this week as well. Like I said, we have been teaching a bunch of kids and we put a few of them on date for Baptism. The 9 year old girl named Sephy Dodds is on date for August 24th. So if all goes well, we will have a baptism the weekend before I leave if I am still here. Transfers are this week and we are waiting for our call. I am wondering what they will do with me since I am leaving in the middle of next transfer. Maybe they will put me in a trio. Anyway, we also put Nicholas Bingham on date for September 14th. As for Brock and Cami, we are really trying to get Brock ready so he can baptize his son Stetson. I would love to see that happen. I love seeing people accept the Gospel! We had 6 families that we are teaching come to church this Sunday. Most of them are less-active families, and a few of them were the families we are teaching that their kids are getting ready for baptism. So we went to 3 different fast and testimony meeting yesterday.

Well I am not going to lie, the mission can be tough sometimes. Yesterday was a pretty long day since it was fast Sunday and boiling hot out, but it is so worth it! This Gospel is so true! We already know who is on the winning side. I am so glad that I am on the Lord's side. I am so grateful for His atonement that allows each and every one of us to repent and be happy. Like Dad always says, "If you want to be happy, keep the commandments." It is so true. We are given commandments to help and guide us in this life, not to restrict us. I hope you all have a great week. I pray for you all every day. Love you!

Elder Low

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