Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 19, 2015 Letter

Hi Family!
Well it sounds like everybody had a pretty busy weekend. Congrats to Tanisha and Cameron on their wedding. Sounds like it was a good day for a wedding.
Things are going well over here. It is still pretty hot unfortunately. Everybody tells us that it is unusually hot for this time of year. Hopefully it starts to cool down soon. My companion is doing well. His English is really improving. Mom he is actually pretty tall. Elder Mareweieta is probably close to six feet tall. And Mom as for when you come to Australia, there is a lot of buses and trains, but a car would be a lot more convenient. I would be more than happy to drive. I think I may struggle a bit when I have to go back to driving on the right side of the road. The left side just seems normal now.
We have had some ups and downs this week. Unfortunately we were unable to meet with Lona and Tara. We are not sure what is going on there. I really hope we can track them down this week. Lona is involved in a lot of Rugby so they travel quite a bit. We saw a lot of success in our finding efforts this week though. We met a German lady named Rebecca who is actually over here on a mission for her church. She was very interested to know what we believed. She had never heard of the Book of Mormon before and was interested to know more. We met a great man named Jerry as well. He is met quite a few missionaries before so he was very welcoming to us. He also wants to know more about the Book of Mormon. So hopefully we are doing some more teaching this week instead of knocking doors.
I am so very grateful for the Gospel in my life. Being grateful at all times is really something I am trying to work on. It was President Uchtdorf that said we should be grateful in any circumstance. I have found that when I look at the positives of life and how much I have been blessed, I am much happier. When we always complain and look at the negatives, life just isn't as good. Our Father in Heaven wants us to be happy and he has provided us with a way to do so. Follow His plan, Keep the commandments, give it our best, and He will help us be where we need to be. Sometimes we just make things too complicated. I love this Gospel! I am grateful to be serving in the Whitsunday area. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Low

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