Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 12, 2014 Letter

Hi Family,

Well I am glad to hear that nobody is in the freezing -50 degree weather over in the states. We have been hearing stuff about that and I saw a picture of Niagra Falls as it is frozen solid. That is crazy! That makes me feel better about being in the heat. Dad good luck with all the ward conferences. That will be a busy time. Dad could you tell the Kennards thanks for the Christmas card they sent me? I just got it last week.

Mom I did get my bike fixed. I think it was somewhere around $67. I used my Canadian visa so I hope that is ok. Also I can't think of a whole lot I would want for my birthday, but something I could use would be deodorant. It is crazy expensive over here! To buy the kind I like, I think it is around $6 a stick. I use old spice anti-persperant/deodorant. I am not sure how expensive it would be to send some over. If it would be more expensive I can just buy it here. I think our mission will be using facebook sometime in 2014. There hasn't been any announcements about it yet. I would guess that we would be getting iphones and ipads sometime this year as well.

Well we had a pretty tiring week. We have really been struggling with consistancy with some of our investigators. So we did a lot of finding this week. My companion and I tracted for 20 hours this week. We are really trying to work with members in finding people to teach as well. That is something our stake president here has really been pushing. Hopefully we can progress with that. I like teaching a lot better than tracting.

We did have some good lessons this week though. Unfortunately Christine worked on Sunday so she couldn't make it to church. Robbie Christine and her family are Catholic. Christine is very open to other religions though. Her only problem is that she believes all religions are true. We have tried to explain about priesthood authority, but I think she is struggling to grasp the concept. We will keep working with her. We did have a good lesson with a man named Bernie though. He has met with the missionaries before so he is very friendly towards us. He is interested to learn again so we are excited to work with him. Apparently he was in a pretty bad car accident and it was a miracle he survived. I think that is what has sparked his belief in God. It sounds like he hasn't finished his purpose on Earth yet.

Something that has been more apparent to me on my mission than ever is that God can give us strength. Not only spiritual strength, but physical strength. I am not going to lie, serving a mission can make you pretty tired physically. I am sure all of you that have served missions can relate to that. Every day I pray for strength and I really notice that the Lord has blessed me. Just when you feel too tired to keep going, He gives you a little extra push. He loves us so much and He wants us to succeed. I am so grateful for that. I know this Gospel is true! I know this work will continue to move forward! I am so grateful to be a part of it. I love you all and I hope you have a great week.

Elder Low

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