Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10, 2013 Letter

Hey family!
Well it sounds like everybody is pretty busy. Especially Robbie and Cammie. I bet that was fun going from 0 kids to 4 kids. Pretty soon Richard and Leslie will have a similar experience. Keep it up Leslie! It sounds like you are gaining quite a bit of weight. I feel the same way. Just kidding. Dad good work on putting up the Christmas lights! I can't believe Christmas is already coming up. Time goes by so fast! What is everybody doing for Christmas?
Well I am still pretty jealous about all of the snow. The weather here has been pretty crazy. It was pretty hot for most of the week. I think the sun just burns me right through my sunscreen. It is either really hot or it rains really hard. Apparently they have some crazy storms here. Hopefully we don't get caught in any on our bikes.
Well I will try to answer some questions quick. Karen a lot of people here struggle with the word of wisdom. There are pretty much two religions here, rugby and alcohol. Well that is what we are told. People love to drink here. It is tough for them to give up those things. Unfortunately I am not picking up an accent. Or at least I don't think I am. The area I am in is very multi-cultural so there are a ton of different accents. Mom I do live in Logan. Logan is the city, and Woodridge is the suburb. Apparently Woodridge is well known in Logan for being a not so good area. Queensland is the state. Our mission covers all of Queensland. Ipswich is in our mission. So maybe I will run into Julie and Andrew over here.
Well we were pretty blessed this week. Again we did quite a bit of finding, but we were blessed to meet some great people. We actually have a baptismal date for two people we met. The day is December 14th. The first guys name is Ramon Mcgrady. He is an aboriginal man. So hopefully we can get him to give up some harmful substances. The other ladies name is Sarah. She is a Muslim. She is super nice! Hopefully we can keep working with them so they can be baptized on December 14th.
We are still working with Alana and Shana. They are very nice ladies. We have actually taught them all the lessons, the trick is to get them to act on what they have learned. We had a very good talk with them. They have told us that they will probably be baptized one day, but they just aren't sure if they are ready. There are some word of wisdom issues that are really tough for them to give up. Sorry if I have mentioned all of this before. It is tough though when Satan makes all these things seem like they bring happiness. It is very untrue. God knows what is best for us. We just have to put our trust in him. I am really hoping that one day they can see this.
Well I can't believe how fast time goes. Transfers are coming up next week so I don't know where I will be. Maybe I will stay here. I got the chance to give a talk in our ward yesterday, and it really made me realize how much of love this ward. I have really grown to love the people here. It would be sad to leave them.
Something that really hit me this week is that we will always have opposition. We meet a lot of unfriendly people here, but they are still sons and daughters of God. Instead of fighting back, we need to love them. We need to pray for them and help them in anyway we can. You never know when the Holy Ghost will touch them. We just always have to try and be that person that the Holy Ghost can work through. I hope you all have a great week! I love you and pray for you every day!
Elder Low

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