Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 6, 2014 Letter

Hi family,
Well it sounds like everybody just got done watching conference not too long ago. That is awesome. We are very blessed to having prophets and apostles on the Earth today. Robbie it sounds like you have some kind of mystery disease. I hope all is well there. Jason and Kamry I can't believe Talia is in preschool, swimming lessons, and dance. Sounds like she is growing up fast. I love hearing about all the nieces and nephews. Also happy birthday to Faye and Anne this week! April 10th right?
Well things are starting to get back to normal. Well at least as normal as mission life can be. Unfortunately Elder Jackson has gone home. We woke up at 4:30 Wednesday morning to take him down to Brisbane. Several people tried to talk to him, but he was pretty set on going home. Mental issues can be very tough. I hope all is well with him. So now it is just Elder Bejarano and I in our flat. It is a pretty big flat for two people.
The weather is still cooling down. Mom I would probably compare it to Spring or Summer back home. People are saying that it will get colder here soon though. Toowoomba is one of the colder places in Queensland.
Unfortunately we did not get to watch conference this weekend. We get to watch it this upcoming weekend. And I am pretty sure we get to watch all the sessions. We got to last time. I am excited! I love General Conference! It is a great opportunity for all of our investigators as well. Hopefully we can get some of them out to watch.
We have had some ups and downs this week, just like every other week. Things seem to be pretty set for Taras baptism this Saturday. Since it is conference, we are going to have the baptism in between sessions. I think Tara is going to come watch the Saturday morning session and the baptism will follow. She will be confirmed the following Sunday of course. I am excited for her! She is a very shy girl. We have been trying to get her to meet more members in the ward so she is a little more comfortable. The ward seems to take her in pretty well. We have had some problems with Candice this week though. She is a great lady and wants to do what is right. Like I said, she has already gone through a few pairs of missionaries. She wants to postpone her baptismal date though because she says there is a few big things she wants to do first. She wants to read through the Book of Mormon and the Bible. She has 3 young kids though which makes it very tough for her to sit down and study. That could take years. Really what it all comes down to is whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. If it is true, that means Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that He really did see God and Jesus Christ. Which also means that the Priesthood was restored to him and that it lies within our church. We have had a couple of goods talks with Candice. We will just keep working with her and see how things go.
Something that I have really want all of our investigators to see is that God's plan is one of happiness. That is what it is all about. All the commandments, all the knowledge that we have is given to us to help us be happy. Yes we are going to have trials, but because of Christ we can find the peace and happiness that we need to keep moving forward. Sometimes we just need to stop and think of all the blessings that we have in our lives. God wants us to be happy! I know that is true. Thank you all for your love and support! Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Low

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